Celebrating a Milestone: MINT reaches 500+ total Connectors
We are thrilled to spotlight our last landmark achievement: MINT has officially reached the extraordinary result of 500+ total data connectors, confirming our leadership in personalization capabilities for effective Advertising Resource Management.

A New Era of Personalization

MINT's journey to 500+ connections marks a pivotal moment not only for our  company but for our broader global community. This achievement underscores our platform's commitment to fostering a seamless, integrated advertising ecosystem where brands and agencies effortlessly tap into the power of AI and automation to maximize their workflow, processes and overall resources for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. By connecting with such a wide array of providers and platforms, MINT is breaking down barriers and democratizing access to advanced automation capabilities tailored to specific needs and custom features for brands and their agency partners.

MINT 500+ data connectors ecosystem has now achieved unparalleled reach across 17 Channels, covering the needs of modern media planning including Addressable TV, Affiliation, Branded Content Solutions, Chatbot, DEM, Digital OOH, Display, Influencer Marketing, Mobile, Native, Offline Radio, TV, Programmatic Radio, Publishers, Search, Social and Video.

A Deep Dive into our Data Connectors

Over time, MINT has developed a wide selection of integrations, with hundreds of partner platforms allowing brands and agencies to create, manage and optimize cross-channel campaigns inside MINT ARM as a unique source of truth and consolidated, interconnected information. All available data connections can be divided into 6 main Categories for enhanced control over advertising resources in terms of workflows, data insights, processes and outcomes:

  1. DSPs: advertising technologies that allows advertisers and agencies to buy search, display, mobile, video, and native ads from various sources using a single interface. By utilizing a DSP, marketers can manage their bids for the banners and the pricing for the data that they are layering on to target their audiences. Some examples include Meta, Google Ads, Microsoft Adv, Zemanta, Amazon, The Trade Desk, Tik Tok DSP, Spotify DSP.
  2. Publishers: media outlets that may provide ad publications within their own websites, products, or services. Some examples include HBO, Sky, DAZN, Discovery Media, Netflix, Condè Nast, Euronews, Le Monde
  3. Ad Networks: mediators between publishers and advertisers, helping publishers to sell their ad spaces and making it easier for advertisers to buy them. Some examples include Outbrain, Seedtag, MediaMob, RTL AdAlliance, Taboola
  4. Ad Measurement Platforms: technologies that measure media delivery against specific KPIs such as Viewability, Attention, Audience targeting, as validated by the market standards and the MRC (Media Rating Council);
  5. Ad Servers: softwares that hosts advertising data and distributes ads across different websites or applications, such as Google Campaign Manager 360.
  6. Web Analytics: platforms involved in the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of web data to understand and optimize web usage, like Google Analytics 4.

A Bright, Connected Future

Looking ahead to 2024, MINT’s milestone is just the beginning. The future promises even greater advancements as we continue to expand our reach and data connections capabilities. With each new data connector, we not only enhance our platform with new partners but we also enrich the global martech ecosystem, opening up new possibilities and available customizations for brands and agencies for tailored and integrated media planning and operations.

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