CTO, unify all the data without disrupting your infrastructure

Solve advertising data unification problems without creating pains on your technical team.
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Empower your company with data
More than half of companies are struggling with taking data-driven decisions. Now you can empower your marketing team to do so, with little to no effort required from your team.

In an industry where drastic changes occur every year  the philosophy behind a solid tech team has to be
measured with scalability, adaptive approach and cost efficiency - the KPI's of MINT product.
of companies say that data quality and completeness is the biggest challenge with data-driven marketing
Unify All advertising data
Data Quality
With Ease
Better control
for better

With the media spend being a significant investment you are now in control of it. From start to finish, trace the media spend at any level of granularity.

Regain full control of the media buying, campaign performance across different vendors, channels and units, globally.

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Get Easy and Streamlined Reporting

Our comprehensive financial dashboard could be easily integrated with your existing financial tools. While easy financial reconciliation ensures you can accurately audit any invoice.

Know in real time how much is being spent on media and channels. Understand how the agency is handling the media budget.

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Reduce The Cost of
Your Resources

With most of the tasks automated, you will reduce manual work, freeing up resources, improving process speed while ensuring greater accuracy of reporting.

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