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Ad Network

Adsplay International is a data-driven 360 degree digital marketing leader for customer acquisition and monetization, providing premium tailored made solutions for the world's leading brands. They are the most comprehensive and reliable result oriented ad-network that offers a customized package of features for every client with unique targeting capabilities, creative creation, optimization, quality traffic & ROI. They are the leading players and well known in industry for Performance Based Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, ecommerce marketing, Lead Generation, App Installation etc. Their USP is High performance ROI ads with amazing optimization and advertising technology.Powered by data science, Adsplay connects advertisers with high performing audiences through direct response and brand campaigns. They help advertisers to connect with their target audience across multiple channels i.e. mobile, web & app through our technology, data and services. Using thousands of unique proprietary data points, their technology is capable of making accurate monetary predictions, maximizing brand awareness and revenues. They are pioneers in providing technical solutions with innovations on the digital platform. With multiple international locations, campaigns in over 120 countries, and delivery partners in 75+ locales, Adsplay international has the expertise and reach to exceed your expectations.