A Central Hub for All Retail Advertising Needs

MINT Advertising Resource Management (ARM) Retail solution is all you need to bring more customers into your stores.
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Full Brand And
Budget Control
Take advantage of AI and workflow automation to ensure your advertising is cost-efficient, transparent, and on-brand.

MINT ARM Retail is a fully customizable solution that enables you to decide how much control you should have on each of your multichannel campaigns, end-to-end.
Average 2021 Marketing budget as percentage of revenue, the lowest value in modern history.
Advertisers rating trust in their agency as “High" or “Very High
Full Visibility of All Campaigns in One Place
Get full visibility on each of your multichannel campaigns for each store or location in one simplified, comprehensive dashboard.

View, compare, and optimize the performance of any campaign at any time. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, get powerful insights and budget suggestions to increase store traffic and grow sales.
Completing the Enterprise Management Ecosystem

While Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) have been around for decades and are part and parcel of any modern enterprise, there was no solution to manage a complex advertising function.

Until now.

By introducing the first Advertising Resource Management (ARM) solution, MINT completes the full enterprise management software ecosystem.

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MINT ARM Retail is the Advertising Resource Management Platform to make your work easy and efficient. From streamlined management of your campaign strategy to unified activation and reporting. All paired with suggestions from the AI and the simplicity and flexibility of a SaaS model.

Manage All Your Digital Advertising in 4 Easy Steps
Optimal Media and Budget Strategy

Choose the optimal channel mix and set the right goals for each campaign.

Multichannel Activation And Settings

Easily activate  your channels without leaving the platform.

Powered by AI, In-flight Campaign Optimization

Optimize campaigns with AI suggestions, spotting negative trends before they become negative results.

Real-time Dashboard And Insights

Get a unified, comprehensive view of all your results in one dashboard.


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