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Helping brands achieve more transparency, governance and efficiency in the advertising process.
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Advertising Resource Management (ARM) is a category of marketing technology that focuses on helping organizations consolidate their resources, their processes, workflows, and information into a single system to better support their advertising operations.

Filling the gap

Finance and operations teams have ERP. Sales and marketing teams have CRM. And now advertising teams also have a single system for managing their end-to-end workflows: ARM.

By streamlining and automating tedious manual tasks, ARM releases skilled professionals to focus on higher-value strategic objectives, creating significant operational efficiencies. And with real-time visibility of the entire advertising process, and AI-powered campaign optimization, ARM empowers organizations to focus on raising the business value of advertising.

THe backbone of ARM

ARM manages the entire end-to-end process of advertising, connecting all resources and information across internal and external processes. With a comprehensive set of functional components sharing the same data, its users all see the same single version of the truth and can trace activities from start to finish. The backbone of the ARM process is 7 key steps with adjacent modules surrounding each.


Advertising Equity is the information asset produced over time by the sum of all the data generated by the various technologies, models, processes, configurations, platforms and media related to advertising campaigns, today scattered throughout different silos that make it impossible for companies to exploit it.

With ARM, all participants in the advertising lifecycle have the same comprehensive view of spend and performance over time, and the same access to unlimited channels and possibilities.

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