ExchangeWire Industry Review 2023
MINT was included in the prestigious ExchangeWire’s Industry Review 2023, a publication with a range of industry-leading agencies, publishers, and technology brands sharing their views on the direction the market is heading over the next 12 months. MINT contributed with a piece titled "Modern Advertising: Improving Efficiencies, Reducing Costs, and Building a New Culture".

The article discusses the challenges faced by advertisers in 2023 and emphasizes the need for improvements in efficiency, cost reduction, and cultural change in the advertising industry. Advertisers are grappling with economic difficulties, inflation, and a cost of living crisis affecting consumers, requiring them to rethink their communication strategies.

The complexity of the advertising ecosystem, lack of management software, opacity in data access, and inefficiency without a strong culture further compound the challenges. However, the article highlights Advertising Resource Management (ARM) as a potential solution. ARM offers governance, transparency, and efficiency by consolidating resources, streamlining operations, and providing a centralized platform for data and collaboration. It aims to empower decision-making, democratize data access, and enhance advertising campaign effectiveness while reducing costs.

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