ExchangeWire Predictions 2024: Data Futures
Danielle Sichuk
Campaign data will be the focus.

While some brands will have already transitioned their strategy to account for the forthcoming deprecation of cookies, stragglers will need to adapt quickly. With user-level data set to be scarce, the focus will be on campaign data. There are three aspects brands will need to consider:

  • Data access: Historically, agencies have been the gatekeepers of campaign data. Brands have brought planning and measurement activities in house to try to secure better data access, and over the next year we will see an even greater push to consolidate and retain control over campaign data.
  • Data governance: Once data is in-housed, better governance will enable the streamlining of tasks and workflows as internal communications are improved and automation is adopted.
  • Data-driven decision-making: Decision-makers having access to the right data at the right time will be central to media optimisation in 2024 and will lead to better advertising outcomes and boost ROI.

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